1. Parenting Teens with Love and Logic

    Relationship Advice for Raising a Teen By Foster Cline, M.D. and Jim Fay In this book, the authors focus their approach on the kids who have entered the years of adolescence. This psychotherapy book shows how to encourage mature behavior while not destroying the relationship. The…Read More

  2. Codependency

    Do you agree codependency can kill? Can codependency kill? By Christine Stapleton Codependency; "I have a friend who says her codependency will kill her before her alcoholism. I am so codependent that when I do, I’m afraid someone else’s life will flash before my eyes. I am c…Read More

  3. Evaluate the man…

    Evaluate the man; What is the difference between; A man who flatters you, a man who compliments you. A man who spends money on you, and a man who invests in you. A man who lusts after you, and a man who loves you. A man who believes he is a gift to women, and a man who believes y…Read More

  4. Should I breakup?

    Should I breakup? Ending a relationship can be an agonizing decision. From my experience as a Relationship Therapist allow me to offer some critical points to consider: * You have different values regarding critical issues in life; For example- Religion,Ethics, Life Goals, Raisin…Read More

  5. Value Premarital Counseling

    Is Premarital Counseling Important? Value Premarital Counseling; There is value to investing in premarital counseling. //revelationcounseling.com/counseling-specialties/premarital-counseling/ During Marriage Counseling, couples often make the following comments. Premarital Couns…Read More

  6. MY RELATION TIPS; Self-awareness

    Self-awareness; We all have gaps between how mature we should be, would like to be and how mature we actually are. There are gaps between what we should do and what we actually do. When we are unaware of these places, they are blind-spots. They impede our emotional health. One of…Read More

  7. De-Stress Your Job

    Coping with Stress, Jobs, and learning to De-Stress Explore your own unique ways to bring a playful attitude into your work and you will find improved health, and less stress. When your perspective at work is lighter, and playful when appropriate, you will overcome blocks that st…Read More


    The term “co-dependent” has been around for quite some time, it is “a tendency to behave in overly passive or excessively caretaking ways that negatively impact one’s relationships and quality of life.” When our actions are codependent, we usually put our needs at a low…Read More