1. Engaged or Serious Relationship Couples

    Boundaries, engaged or serious relationship couples~ Questions for you to ask... Can each of us set boundaries with each other? (being clear about what we will/will not say or do) Do each of us respect/support the boundaries of the other, even when they differ from ours? Are eith…Read More

  2. Premarital pointers

    Premarital Pointers; Couples & their family relationships are very important Do each of our families welcome the other? Does each family support the relationship? If we choose to invest more deeply in this relationship, would it cause conflict or distance with either family? …Read More

  3. Serious Relationships

    Serious Relationships! COMMUNICATION is critical for premarital counseling, engaged couples & those in serious relationships Do we each make it safe for the other to share thoughts & feelings? Do we each listen without interrupting? Which of us is aware of feelings quickl…Read More


    Are you Respectful? Do you take turns, acknowledge the needs of your spouse. Can you wait and listen carefully as they speak?  Do you share your needs and feelings with respect. Do you manage your emotions or do they manage you? We must be able to accept and respond to emotion. …Read More


    To Be Extraordinary in Relationship Ordinary; When your “button” is pushed, go off on the person. Extraordinary; When your “button” is pushed, state you are having an emotional response & ask the speaker to clarify the intention of what was said or done. Ordinary; If …Read More

  6. Assert yourself respectfully, and you will not stockpile Anger!

    ASSERTIVE COMMUNICATION & ANGER Anger is a natural emotion, but often times, people don't express anger and allow it to be stockpiled. Anger has a way of expressing itself on its own. Letting anger express itself like this is unhealthy and can have negative consequences. This…Read More


    Pre-marriage counseling doesn’t need to be a long process, especially if you feel you’re starting out with a very solid foundation and only need some clarifications and goal-setting. Some couples have done this relational work before marriage, others flourish with the guidanc…Read More


    Anger is one of the most often misunderstood, yet significant concepts in life. Best understood as a response providing energy to protect; to respond to a real or perceived wrong doing or injustice in life, anger motivates a person to action. Self-awareness— Identifying the cau…Read More


    The most difficult stressor for most of us is other people. We often blame other people for our feelings, thoughts and choices we feel forced to make. Actually, other people are not responsible for any of these things. The truth is that each of us is responsible for 5 things; Wha…Read More

  10. Couples Fighting

    Is It Possible to NOT FIGHT? Consider the topic of couples fighting; In our culture, people often say “All couples fight, everybody fights.” Do you think it is true?  I believe this is a limiting belief that robs people of happiness, because we accept the dysfunctional inste…Read More


    Is It Possible to NOT FIGHT? In our culture, people often say “All couples fight, everybody fights.” Do you think it is true? Is it possible that we are socialized to think that way? What is your definition of the word “fight?” The Free Dictionary online says the definiti…Read More


    IS ANGER GOOD OR BAD Anger is a Reality It is one of countless human emotions; it is a spontaneous and natural experience. Anger can be defined as emotional excitement induced by intense displeasure. Anger prepares us emotionally and physically to take action. Individuals who hav…Read More