1. Teens, Children and Stress

    Teens, Children and Stress There are many steps parents may take to reduce stress children are experiencing in our culture. The following bullet‐points represent areas of life that may be modified to increase the security and comfort in our children’s lives: Provide a safe, s…Read More


    If you suspect or know that your child is being victimized, abused or bullied,  here are some pointers you may consider://www.cnn.com/2012/10/23/health/bullying-suicidal-thoughts/index.html?hpt=he_c2 Let your child know that it is okay to feel afraid, upset, and anxious – your…Read More

  3. Crucial needs of children

    CRUCIAL NEEDS OF CHILDREN; Need to Feel Respected Treat children with courtesy, consideration, and esteem. Treating children as individuals with respect, this teaches them how to treat others well. When children are treated without respect, they often think that something is wron…Read More


    This book is a great resource for those planning to have children, and for parents. The authors contend that how you make sense of your childhood experiences has a profound effect on how you parent your own children. As a result of reading this book, parents who had difficult chi…Read More