1. Creating Emotional Intimacy

    Creating Emotional Intimacy; Can women create emotional intimacy with men? How can I do it? Let me respond at the micro level first, then I will describe my views at a broader level. To be a safe person, each individual in relationship needs to learn what the fears, insecurities …Read More

  2. More Intimacy, Passion

    More Intimacy, Passion; A union between a man and a woman is special, a relationship like no other. Falling in love has been compared to the most potent of addictive drugs, dumping a mixture of hormones in the bloodstream that can drive otherwise ‘normal’ people to do crazy t…Read More

  3. RELATIONSHIP TIPS; Love and Pleasing

    Love and pleasing are wonderful. To be loving and to enjoy pleasing others are beautiful characteristics. The problem is when Love and pleasing dominate all motivation and behavior without appropriate boundaries and self-respect.  This pattern in relationship is the common oppos…Read More

  4. RELATIONSHIP TIPS; Increase passion

    Increase Passion! Relationships are dynamic, ever-changing, they must be nurtured, cultivated and maintained. When we respond with comfort and reassurance to those we care for, we experience greater trust and security. When trust and security are the foundation, couples can be vu…Read More

  5. Increasing Intimacy

    Relationship Intimacy Increasing intimacy; We are created for relationship. All of us balance two conflicting drives-the desire for attachment, and the desire to avoid pain. We need to attach, bond and connect to be whole and content. But in relationships, problems occur- some of…Read More