1. Muscle Relaxation to Reduce and Manage Anxiety

    Before practicing progressive muscle relaxation, consult with your doctor if you have a history of conditions that may be aggravated by tensing muscles. Progressive muscle relaxation usually begins at the feet and work your way up to the face. Our goal is to reduce and manage anx…Read More

  2. Deep Breathing, Manage Anxiety

    The goal of deep breathing is to breathe deeply from the abdomen, getting as much fresh air as possible in your lungs, slowing respiration and reducing anxiety. When you take deep breaths from the abdomen, rather than shallow breaths from your upper chest, you inhale more oxygen.…Read More

  3. Prevent Anxiety

     Anxiety and panic treatment can be extremely successful and increase your quality of life. Prevent anxiety; Anxiety symptoms fall into three categories: physiological, cognitive and emotional. If you are experiencing anxiety or panic symptoms, the most important first step is t…Read More

  4. Stress Management

    Problems and Stress; According to the American Institute on Stress, 80-90% of all doctor’s visits are stress-related. Stress management; We assess our life stress by noting both stressful events (acute stress) and chronic stress. Both have been associated with anxiety, depressi…Read More

  5. Coping with Stress

    As responsibilities mount and options narrow, we are inundated with news and evidence concerning changes.  Difficulty that causes worry or emotional tension may induce a response in us of feeling stress. Stress is a term we use to describe both the physical and psychological sta…Read More

  6. De-Stress Your Job

    Coping with Stress, Jobs, and learning to De-Stress Explore your own unique ways to bring a playful attitude into your work and you will find improved health, and less stress. When your perspective at work is lighter, and playful when appropriate, you will overcome blocks that st…Read More


    Peak Performance Begin improving your performance to become a high-performing individual. EMDR Therapy is implemented to help clients reach Peak Performance and can be used effectively to increase self-confidence, positive feelings and behaviors, and to meet goals. It can be used…Read More

  8. Anxiety, Panic

    Consider anxiety, panic; Anxiety symptoms fall into three categories: physiological, cognitive and emotional. If you are experiencing anxiety, the most important first step is to schedule a physical with your M. D. to rule out any medical causes of the symptoms. Physiological sym…Read More