Taking Care of Relationships

Healthy relationships are dynamic, not static. Relationships continually change, and must be nurtured so that they continue to grow. Think of your relationship as something that is alive, talking care of relationships brings you the highest reward.

Seek to be emotionally available, perceptive and responsive, and to practice integrative communication. //revelationcounseling.com/my-relation-tips/

PARENTING-POINTSIntegrative communication is described in attachment therapy literature;

  • Attunement-Allow your own state of mind to align with that of another.
  • Awareness-Be mindful of your own feelings and bodily responses and others’ nonverbal signals.
  • Expression-Communicate your internal responses with respect; make the internal external.
  • Empathy-Open your mind to sense the other person’s experience and point of view.
  • Joining-Share openly in the give-and-take of communication, both verbally and nonverbally.
  • Clarification-Help make sense of the experience of another.
  • Sovereignty-Respect the dignity and separateness of each individual’s mind.

Taking care of relationships is  the most valuable part of life. When elders are asked what they would have done differently in their lives, the answers usually have to do with investing more in relationships. If you are interested in Attachment Theory, there is a great deal of literature to describe different attachment styles. When we learn what our attachment style is, we understand better how we are wired and how we can grow in our relationship skills. When we learn the attachment style of our partner, our understanding of their behaviors and responses is improved. Then the ability to deepen the relationship is wide open, it can become deeper and more satisfying.

Give thought to each of the bullet points above and talk about them together. Remember, having different perceptions is healthy. Respect each others view of  attunement, awareness, expression, empathy, joining, clarification, and sovereignty. Embrace the difference in your perceptions, and understand that you balance each other.

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