Relationship Addiction Red Flags

FullSizeRender-34Relationship addiction develops when a person enmeshes self-identity with an unhealthy need for connection and relationship. All types of relationships have the capacity to cross this line and become addictive, family or friends, romantic or non-romantic.

Addiction happens when the relationship is less about love and more about fear, less about who the other person is and more about who you need the other to be. Fear of loss is a driving force rather than what is in the best interest of each person.

When is putting the needs of another above your own helpful and healthy and when is it relationship addiction? What is the difference between healthy people-pleasing and “losing yourself” in becoming all things for others?


Relationship Addiction Red Flags:

  • When you see the person through the filter of your need.
  • When you, alone, are not enough. You have to have the relationship.
  • When intense energy, time, resources and thought are consumed to keep the relationship.
  • When you seek a different person but the same relationship.
  • When anxiety is produced at even the thought of any problems within the relationship.
  • When you feel and act out of desperation in order to hold the relationship together, feeling compelled to show your love and commitment & demanding the same.
  • When you are convinced this person is the answer.
  • When you experience intense relief within the relationship.
  • When you feel emotionally adrift and devastated at the loss of the relationship.
  • When you intentionally cling to your need for the relationship, refusing to accept any negative signs.


If you recognize your relationship pattern in this description, call now for an appointment and begin cultivating healthy relationships. Of course you can change! Both thought patterns and behaviors are subject to change. Do you want to? Think of a computer, consider the difference between hardware and software. Hardware is permanent, software can be updated. Your relationship patterns are software! Let’s begin working together and move toward a complete software update!