IMG_7366-2Self-awareness; We all have gaps between how mature we should be, would like to be and how mature we actually are. There are gaps between what we should do and what we actually do. When we are unaware of these places, they are blind-spots. They impede our emotional health. One of the goals during counseling is to help clients increase their self-awareness and pursue personal growth.

Humility-enables us to acknowledge the possibility that we need to grow, to listen and take in feedback from another. To step back and see our blind spots allows us to view the good and the bad, focus on areas that need growth. This is critical to improve our relationships. Without true humility the pride residing in people blocks both taking personal responsibility and maturing.

Awareness-allows us to actually have insight regarding the aspects of ourselves requiring growth, more maturity, healing from brokenness. Relationships are like mirrors in which we catch reflections of our strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes it is not a pretty picture! But not one of us is perfect.  Our awareness enables us to observe our errors so that needed corrections can be made. This is personal growth. No, it is not possible that the other person is always at fault.

Ask Yourself:

  • In what way do I push other people’s buttons?
  • What are my areas of immaturity?
  • What can I learn about myself by observing other’s reactions to me?
  • What are my strengths?
  • What pushes my buttons?
  • What effect do my reactions have on others?
  • What are my areas of brokenness?
  • These can be difficult questions to answer, and they are very healthy questions for each of us to ask ourselves.
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  • Humility in the initiator invites humility in response
  • The desire for self-awareness makes it safe for the other to examine himself or herself as well
  • Seeking personal growth is attractive, those you care for may join you
  • Constructive change begins a healthy cycle to replace blaming or avoiding

Becoming self-aware and seeking growth and healing is the best self-help. //