finally20a20dance20togetherMore Intimacy, Passion; A union between a man and a woman is special, a relationship like no other.

Falling in love has been compared to the most potent of addictive drugs, dumping a mixture of hormones in the bloodstream that can drive otherwise ‘normal’ people to do crazy things.

The honoring of your relationship, with each special occasion, deserves a beautiful celebration. Of course, there are the traditional flowers, dinner, candlelight, reciting or renewing commitment, or exciting getaways.

More intimacy, passion; To connect to the heart of what brings meaning, set aside time together to focus on the depth of your relationship.

1. Reminisce about what drew you to one another  …

…special experiences of your relationship together. Life consists of a series of milestones. There are fresh starts around every corner. Ponder the firsts. The first meeting when you first ‘knew’ you loved one another. Have you created a home, travelled, become parents, or accomplished things together… Replay these or other memories.

2. Recall unity and successes …

… and the hurdles you conquered. Every year unfolds a unique mix of ups and downs, fresh revelations, novel challenges, and unique resolutions. Remember the times you stood by each other. How you resolved conflict. Reflect on how your growth, as individuals, strengthened your relationship. Reiterate the stories.

3. Honor the friendship …

… at the heart of your relationship. What is unique about friendship? Fun! A friend takes care of your heart, holds you up when you are weak, protects confidential information. Friends also laugh and play, fun protects your relationship from the natural wear and tear of daily living. Life is replete with challenges, they’re there to grow us. Find joy and ways to appreciate and enjoy one another. Keep grateful lists, not grievances. Laugh a lot. Cuddle, hold hands, look into each other’s eyes, make this a habit!

4. Briefly look back to remember lessons …

… learned through the years. Relish the gift of what brought you together on this journey called life. Get comfortable with challenges, their customized to optimally grow you.  Practice forgiveness. The choice in how you communicate. The importance of working together as partners. Balancing your giving and receiving, keep the lessons close to your heart.

5. Focus on your future by nurturing your relationship, it is a living thing …

…Take care of one another’s hearts, be tender with vulnerabilities. Commitment is choice to nurture the health of your relationship, especially in moments when one of both of you seem ‘unlovable.’  Be proud of what you have together. No matter how busy life is, make time to assure one another of your commitment to each other’s well being, and to create togetherness moments for a lifetime. More intimacy, passion;

Imagine the possibilities …

… of what is to come in a future radiant with hope, love and belief in one another and your relationship.

Connecting with your eyes and touch, and affectionately engaging your minds and hearts, are not only romantic. These practices release oxytocin, a hormone known as the ‘safety and love’ tonic. Once associated with bonding between mother and child, the release of this hormone inclines you to further connect. In other words, the more you celebrate your love, the more you want to.

Notably, oxytocin also nourishes the cells of the brain and body with health. Another reason to celebrate.

Savor what you have today and every day of your life together.