Become a better partner, improve your Relationship

Forgiveness, healing memories 1. Grow personally–To improve your relationship

Intentionally seek your own growth and development as an individual.

2. Speak respectfully

Make sure your tone isn’t out of bitterness or unrighteous anger. Anger does not justify disrespect. No matter what intense feelings you are experiencing, you can communicate them honestly in a respectful manner. If you cannot, step back and take some time and then try again.

3. Encourage regularly

Be generous with words of affirmation. Do not take your partner for granted. Give appreciation and show gratefulness for even daily activities.

4. Pursue intimately

Seek emotional intimacy; share your thoughts and feelings. Listen actively to his or hers.

5. Play frequently

Life is hard work, and often-unforeseen problems. If you need to schedule times of rest and times to play, do it. You are a better partner and you invite your significant other into times of fun and relaxation.

6. Inquire daily

Ask how she or he is doing, so you will know how you might be supportive or helpful.

7. Laugh loudly

Have a good sense of humor, create time together when no business of any type  is discussed.Laugh easily, tickle and enjoy your partner.

8. Listen attentively

This can be challenging. Active listening involves moving outside of your self and using empathy by putting yourself in the others “shoes.” It also means not interrupting, waiting to respond until the speaker’s point is complete. Also,remember what is said.

9. Practice your faith, pray for your partner

Follow your beliefs, practice them and conduct your relationship within the guidelines and values of what you believe.

10. Correct privately.

Never address something said or done by your partner in front of others. INCLUDING YOUR CHILDREN. You must maintain your composure, allow the adult within you to be in charge and address the issues later. These principles will improve your relationship.