Men, women, intimacy

    • Love without conditions
    • Accept even when you do not understand
    • Keep track of positive behaviors
    • Do not judge feelings
    • Practice healthy communication
    • Use words of affirmation to acknowledge and appreciate
    • No hurting intentionally
    • Share your thoughts, feelings, fears
    • Be honest
    • Validate feelings and give reassurance
    • Listen using eye contact and not interrupting
    • Consider the other point of view even if you do not understand it
    • Be trustworthy and approachable
    • Be a really good friend, a confidant
    • Become more and more emotionally safe for your partner
  • All of us fall short in being safe people for those we care for. If you realize you have said or done something that has reduced the sense of safety in someone you care for, apologize with words, actions and ongoing change.
  • Each day, strive to increase the qualities listed above in your life. Hopefully, our personal growth continues throughout our lifetime, cultivating richer relationships in our life.

Loving without conditions refers to accepting the individuality and uniqueness of the other person. NOT making your love conditional on his/her doing what you want. It is important to seek understanding each other. To accept what we understand is important, but I do not think that it is enough. It takes much ore love to accept what you do not understand!

Relationships and emotional safety deepen when we affirm positive behaviors and make effort to NOT judge one another. Be honest, but do not use it as an excuse to be verbally abusive. Honesty should always be practiced with respect. Practice active listening, passive listening is to listen while you are looking at your phone or computer, to listen while you are opening mail or staring at the computer. Active listening requires undivided attention, eye contact, putting yourself in the other person’s situation and practicing empathy.

Emotional safety increases when you keep confidential information to yourself, this is part of being a good friend. If your words and actions line up with each other, you are dependable. Be approachable-listen deeply and do not react quickly.


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