Overcome fear of rejection; The fear of rejection is a powerful fear that often has far-reaching impact into our lives. Most people experience some anxiety when placing themselves in situations that could lead to rejection, but for others freezing behavior occurs. Every individual has experienced rejection, and each of us has made the choice to reject ideas, choices and other people.

As always, traumatic experiences that “stay with you” should be the focus of therapy. My bias is EMDR therapy for traumas and fears to reduce or eliminate the distress.  On the other hand rejection is part of daily life may not necessitate therapy, but there are important principles to follow to manage the negative experience. In terms of relationship, always remember we must risk in order develop a relationship because intimacy is involved. Practice your boundaries and discernment regarding who you reach out and open up to, and hopefully negative experiences will be few and far between.

Overcome fear of rejection; Steps to consider:

1) Envision Success. Do not allow yourself to imagine rejection. Mental imagery actually contributes to the creation of behavioral patterns.

2) Accept yourself. Accept your imperfections, mistakes, and when you’re not as good at something as you’d like to be. Learn from the past and pursue personal growth but do not be self-critical and judge yourself.  Self-judgment is a common and powerful form of self-rejection that leads to #3.

3) Do not decide what other people are thinking, you cannot mind-read.

4) Believe in your capacity to become someone who doesn’t excessively personalize things. Each experience or relationship is new, fresh and different. Process the disappointments, learn from them without giving them undue attention, and remember you have infinite value.

Overcome Fear, Rejection
Overcome Fear, Rejection


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