Serious Relationships! COMMUNICATION is critical for premarital counseling, engaged couples & those in serious relationships

Do we each make it safe for the other to share thoughts & feelings?

  • Do we each listen without interrupting?
  • Which of us is aware of feelings quickly, who needs time to process first?
  • Do either of us sweep issues “under the rug” instead of working them out?
  • Do either of us demand, push, and escalate if the other is not ready to talk?
  • photoAre we both able to remain composed even when experiencing strong emotion?


In serious relationships it is mandatory that you realize YOUR behavior is creating a foundation for the future. The way you listen, speak, interact and respond is developing templates the two of you will follow in the future. So I would like both of you to be intentional about the way you treat each other so that good, strong, healthy habits are developed from the beginning. If the more outspoken person softens and slows down, the person prone to avoid issues can become more engaged. If the more internal person talks responsibility to share thoughts and feelings, the more external person will feel better connected and calmer. Relationships are interactive, what we each do affects the other person.

If either of you have difficulty remaining composed while experiencing strong emotion, CALL NOW for an appointment and let’s begin learning how. It is possible to be honest, open, intensely emotional and maintain self-control, I promise.  There may be tears, shaky voice, time-outs, changes in voice tone, but you can remain composed. When one or more people lose their composure it is NO longer communication, the dynamic is emotional reactivity. I do not want that for you.

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