Mindfulness, increase emotional health.

Being mindful, practicing Mindfulness;

Mindfulness is experiencing the “mind” in its purest, most organic form, Identifying and marking the moment in a conscious way

Paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally

Curiosity/openness/simply mirroring what is presently happening without bias

The practice of non-doing; simply being; observer and source at the same time

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Stillness; receiving; observing; describing.

Tuning into the basic experiences of living without attempting to change anything.

Noticing the flow of thoughts & feelings and constant change.

Develop comfort with impermanence.

Mindfulness is a Flow of experience.

Mindfulness, increase emotional health.


Mindfulness, increase emotional health
Mindfulness, increase emotional health

To Begin:

1)  Find a comfortable place and posture to begin.

2) Allow yourself to simply notice your body’s position where you are resting.

3)  Notice the thoughts ,ideas, pictures, sensations,sounds, emotions that you may experience from one moment to the next.  Allow them to flow freely; just coming and going.

4)  Allow your attention to then notice what appears to be desiring your attention the most; what sifts out from the many grains of information.

5) Imagine giving a word label to the thought,picture, theme, sensation, emotion that arises (e.g., anger, warmth, my children, etc.)

6) Allow kindness and openness towards whatever may come into your awareness in the moment; no fixing or figuring; simply being with it as it is; accepting and acknowledging; everything of equal value.

Mindfulness of the Breath

1) Watching the breath

2)Find a comfortable posture and location in which you can complete the exercise.

3) Simply notice your breath as it is right now;no change to pace is necessary.

4) Begin to differentiate you in-breath from your out- breath.

5) Say to yourself “breathing in” as you breath in and “breathing out” as you breath out.

6) If your attention wanders from your breath, notice it kindly and then lovingly bring your attention back to your breath.//psychcentral.com/lib/2012/rewire-your-brain-for-love-creating-vibrant-relationships-using-the-science-of-mindfulness/

Mindfulness, increase emotional health. Practice Mindfulness, increase your emotional health and become mindful.