Relationship-focused counseling & Couple’s Counseling achieve both the strengthening of healthy relationships and/or specific help to grow through difficulties and challenges. When couples spot potential problem areas and are willing to work proactively and effectively, the relationship success increases. During psychotherapy couples realize the skills that need to be built in order to resolve differences and conflicts in a more loving manner. During therapy skills are learned and practiced, achieving tangible and long-lasting results. Couples learn to relate to each other using wise, powerful and loving methods that are invaluable at any stage of a relationship.

  • Overreacting? Too emotional?
    Overreacting? Too emotional?

    Sample Goals of Couples Counseling

  • Investing in the relationship so it will survive and thrive
  • Develop and maintain a deep connection
  • Identify various relationship skills needing development
  • Avoid repeating mistakes made in the past
  • According to renowned marriage and relationship expert
    Dr. John Gottman, less than 5% of divorcing couples seek
    marriage counseling. Why do most couples in trouble fail to get professional help? What
    are the benefits of couples counseling? If you’re experiencing marital difficulties, the
    information below is intended to encourage you and your partner to consider marriage
    counseling as a way to gain the perspective and skills needed to improve the quality of your
    marriage, overcome a relationship crisis and/or save your marriage