• Live the Love they promise
  • Sincerely apologize and forgive
  • Know the power of Empathy; walk in each others shoes
  • Take responsibility for both the good and the bad
  • Believe in one another, and that good wins over bad

People who have successful relationships seek to fulfill their promises. To follow their words with action. What is more important, action or words? I SAY BOTH. Promise love and then live it, to the best of your imperfect ability. When you blow it-own it and do the repair work. Sincerely apologizing is critical for all of us, AND apology needs to be followed by change. Do you know how to exercise empathy? Are you able to put your own feelings and rebuttal aside while you truly put your heart with the heart of your partner? Practice this skill

Taking responsibility in relationship is critically important. You are responsible for what you FEEL, THINK, SAY, DO and NEED. Do not make your partner responsible for these things, they belong to you. Most people will live up to what you think of them….give that consideration. When someone strongly believes in YOU, how do you respond? Most of up try our hardest to live up to the expectation. That said, speaking faith and confidence into your partner encourages him/her.

These are characteristics to initiate, nurture and shape as time goes by. Everyone experiences disappointments, hardships, loss and pain. May we consistently strive to strengthen these characteristics in our relationships. We need to be intentional, relationships do not cultivate and strengthen themselves, it is our job. Think of your relationships as living things that need to be fed, protected, and nurtured.


A quality relationship is not known as one without problems, but for how the couple responds to problems. There is no such thing as a relationship that does not encounter problems. We can work together to display the healthiest reactions possible to problems when they occur.

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