Increase Passion! Relationships are dynamic, ever-changing, they must be nurtured, cultivated and maintained. When we respond with comfort and reassurance to those we care for, we experience greater trust and security. When trust and security are the foundation, couples can be vulnerable to express both intimacy and passion. Discuss what trust and security mean to both you and your partner. Listen to each others views, be intentional about developing trust and security in the way that is meaningful to your partner. It is about safety, when a couple is emotionally safe with one another, intimacy and passion naturally develop. Increase passion, start now!

  1. Seek Awareness of feelings and underlying needs. This will promote your personal growth. As you become more self-aware, you can share what you think, feel and find important to your partner.
  2. Engage and relate to one another with feelings and acknowledge needs openly. When safety is the foundation, feelings are opening shared knowing they will be accepted. Safety also allows us to be vulnerable and share our needs with each other.
  3. Explore each other’s thoughts and feelings by listening, validating, and asking, “How can I help?” Even if you do not understand the feelings being expressed, do not agree with them or are confused you can always ask HOW CAN I HELP.
  4. Resolve needs verbally and through acts of service. Seek how you may meet the needs of those you care for in the future. Acts of service are actions that the other person experiences as you caring. For some people these are thoughtful, romantic actions. For others acts of service are pragmatic, the handling of responsibilities. Talk to each other and explore what matters to each of you.
  5. Accept feelings even if you do not understand them, and give reassurance. It is unfortunate that in our society we are told you have to understand how someone feels (or agree with it) in order to accept how they feel. This is not true! Increase passion by being a safe, accepting person who accepts the thoughts and feelings of your partner.

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