1. Relationship Help; Are you Respectful?life_coachingDo you take turns, acknowledge the needs of your spouse. Resist being self-focused and pushing for what you want. By focusing on the needs of your partner, you initiate reciprocity. Can you wait and listen carefully as they speak?  Do you share your needs and feelings with respect. Give consideration to these things, I have found each one to be significant for the couples I have worked with.
  1. Do you manage your emotions or do they manage you?
    We must be able to accept and respond to emotion. Feeling and Dealing is a critical lesson aspect of relationships. There are skilled that can be learned to help each of us remain composed even when we are experiencing strong emotion.
  1. Relationship Help; Do you know how to fill your tank?
    Do you schedule time for self care? How do you manage your stress level? How do you manage the stress in your relationships? Some of us need contact with other people to fill our tank. Some need quiet time, or regular exercise. Good self-care helps us to be more present and emotionally available in relationships.
  1. Are you able to be both Independent and Dependent? There should be a balance in the healthy person. Overly dependent people do not maintain appropriate boundaries with others. The overly independent do not have emotional intimacy in relationships.
    Are you comfortable with both connection and separateness? It is healthy to have both in our life.
  1. Are you a good giver?
    Good givers are aware of the feelings of others, and extend themselves to listen and comfort. It is an interesting dynamic; the more we give in relationship, the more our partner wants to reciprocate.
  2. Relationship Help is available, call now; 949-697-4332 Let’s talk about you and your characteristics, how you would like to grow and what skills you would like to develop.