Decrease relationship problems
Decrease relationship problems

Decrease relationship problems; Relationship problems occur when we have the wrong attitudes. Learn healthy relationship skills to improve relationships;

·     Admit that you have weaknesses, seek to strengthen them. Resist focusing on what you think your partner needs to change.

·     Accept feedback & deny your instinct to be defensive. Be open, or you will not grow.

·     Be humble, resist self-righteous attitudes. It is difficult for all of us, but critical to learning truth about ourselves.

·     Apologize AND change your behavior. Apologies are wonderful, changing our way is even better.

·     Deal with your problems instead of avoiding them. Easier to avoid our problems, but then our quality of life decreases.

·     Be willing to earn trust, do not demand it. Your words and actions should line up with each other.

·     Take responsibility and do not blame others.

·     Be honest and do not use honesty as an excuse to be hurtful.

As you seek to practice healthy relationship skills, your relationship problems will decrease-you will improve relationships.

At some point in our life, we may forget or give up the responsibility of directing our life to where we want it to go. We sometimes feel buffeted about by the forces of nature, relationships, family, children and more, and feel out of control of our own destinies. We forget to look deep within ourselves and remember who we really are and what really makes us happy and alive. We give that power up, to others, and then place the responsibility (and the blame) when they fail to “make us” happy.

But no one else can make us happy unless we first choose to open ourselves and our lives up to that possibility. Happiness is within each and every one of us. No one else can make us happy unless we first choose that we will place happiness – both our own and our loved ones – above other, less important things in our lives, such as winning an argument or being “right.”