Are you a Passive, Assertive or Aggressive Communicator?

Take a Communication Test; Are you aware of the type of communicator you are? What feedback do you get from others?  In relationships, Assertive Communication is usually the most appropriate, healthy type of communication. Is your partner frustrated because you do not answer or say enough?  Or maybe your partner tells you that you are pushy, controlling or demanding?

Part 1;  Do You…….

  1. A. Allow others to treat you, your thoughts & feelings as they wish?
    B.  Stand up for your own legitimate personal rights while respecting theirs?
    C.  Stand up for what you want regardless of the rights & feelings of others?
  2. A. Avoid problems?
    B. Attack problems?
    C. Attack the person?
  3. A. See the rights of others more important than yours?
    B. See the rights of others equal to yours
    C. See your rights as more important than those of others?
  4. A. Hope your goals will be achieved?
    B. Work toward your goals?
    C. Use force to reach your goals
  5. A. Let others choose activities for you?
    B. Choose activities for yourself?
    C. Choose activities for others?

            A= Passive




Image-3Which was your dominate response? A,B, or C?

Regarding this Communication Test, consider each individual question. Think about your personality, your relationships, and consider how it might help you to develop an assertive response instead of passive or aggressive. In relationships being consistently passive will cause problems. And just the same, a consistent pattern of aggression will alienate others from you. There are always exceptions when it is wise to be passive, or wise to be aggressive depending on the situation. The preference for Assertive Communication is for interpersonal relationships.

If you are passive, call me for Assertion Training. If you are aggressive in your communication, call me and let’s work on developing assertive skills!  949-697-4332