Anxiety and panic treatment can be extremely successful and increase your quality of life. Prevent anxiety; Anxiety symptoms fall into three categories: physiological, cognitive and emotional. If you are experiencing anxiety or panic symptoms, the most important first step is to schedule a physical with your M. D. to rule out any medical causes of the symptoms.
Prevent anxiety
Prevent anxiety

Physiological Symptoms-

  • Weak all over
  • Rapid, pounding heartbeat or palpitations
  • Tightness around the chest
  • Hyperventilation
  • Dizziness and sweating
  • Muscle tension, aches or tremors
  • Chronic fatigue

Do you think to yourself-

  • I can’t carry on. I have to get out of here
  • What if I make a fool of myself?
  • People are looking at me all the time
  • I am having a heart attack
  • I am going to faint
  • I am going crazy
  • I am confused, losing control


  • Feeling like something terrible is going to happen
  • Being full of fears that fill your mind
  • Worrying excessively
  • Feeling uneasy and alone a lot of the time
  • Feeling isolated, down in the dumps, without control
  • Feeling embarrassed, rejected, criticized

Anxiety is a general term for several disorders that cause nervousness, fear, apprehension, and worrying.

These disorders affect how we feel and behave, and they can manifest real physical symptoms. Mild anxiety is vague and unsettling, while severe anxiety can be extremely debilitating, having a serious impact on daily life. Please call now and learn how you can get some relief.

People often experience a general state of worry or fear before confronting something challenging such as a test, examination, recital, or interview. These feelings are easily justified and considered normal. Anxiety is considered a problem when symptoms interfere with a person’s ability to sleep or otherwise function. Generally speaking, anxiety occurs when a reaction is out of proportion with what might be normally expected in a situation.


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