Especially for Men!

Please engage in self-help // and reach out for resources instead of waiting until it is too late. I know this society trains you to be self-sufficient, to have all of the answers, solve all problems, do it on your own and just handle whatever comes up. I see you walk up & down every aisle in the hardware store, refusing to ask for help. But the truth is that not one human has all answers, all ability and all understanding without inter-dependence. Self-help is not weakness, and may involve consulted with a respected friend, a leader, therapist, etc.

You men  make a tremendous impact on your partner, wife and children! Do not underestimate this. Take responsibility to affirm, guide, believe in and build up those around you. Strengthen the self esteem of your mate, fulfill the responsibility of a role model to your children. How YOU  talk about women will determine your daughters’ self image. Really. How you interact with your wife will determine whether or not your sons will respect their wives.

When a man  makes the initial call to me regarding relationship counseling, MORE than half of the time his partner is leaving/has threatened to leave/or communicates being done trying. Usually she has been asking him to go to counseling for some time. Reach out early for relationship help so you will never find yourself in a crisis.


Men-I am appealing to you to call me or some type of  help sooner. You do not have to have all of the answers, don’t experience relationship loss before you are humble enough to reach out for help. If you have no idea how to choose a therapist, see my blog: //

Don’t settle, become the best man you can be and cultivate an extraordinary relationship: //

Engage in Self-help, reach out now.

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