Would you benefit from Family Counseling?  Family therapy results are sometimes faster and more complete than individual therapy because it is harder for an individual to change when the family stays the same. The family is a system, each member impacts the others. Significant change by one family member DOES impact the whole family, but everyone engaging in growth is the ideal. My emphasis is on the entire family. Every family is different, and every family experiences conflict. The family therapist has the opportunity to observe the way family members communicate with one another and teach healthier approaches. There is always room for improved self-awareness, better communication and conflict resolution.

A family is a team in which the words and actions of each individual affect the other members. Families are meant to be like two hands folded together. They can move away from each other while still touching with the fingertips. They can allow space between themselves while creating a unified home, a safe place to be. Families are helped to improve interactions, increase harmony, and manage challenging aspects of their life during family counseling.

Blended Families~

Family Counseling; Few children from broken homes, whether by divorce or death, adapt easily to stepparents. This varies greatly with circumstances and ages of children. Being a stepparent is a very difficult tight rope to walk. Children may be hostile to the “invasion” of a stepparent. A stepparent may find that it is difficult to love a stepchild as much as a natural child. And the natural parent, of course, can pull rank, so the stepparent will have to strike a balance of being a parent and a non-parent. Disagreements, conflicts and inconsistent discipline methods between separated or divorced parents can cause emotional and behavioral problems. It will take much communication, lots of sympathetic listening, loads of unselfishness, and with preteens and teens “family councils” can increase teamwork and compliance. Success is possible, and there are great successes.

“Marta Hatter helped us to survive the teenagers among us!  When living with a teen who seems more alien than human, she gave us guidance, communication tools, listened and helped to clear the mist of confusion. It was an invaluable experience for our family.”  – S.C.


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Family Counseling
Family Counseling

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