E-therapy is a new type of therapy for helping people resolve life and relationship issues utilizing the power and convenience of the Internet. For the purpose of services provided by this professional, E-Therapy means the practice of psychotherapy, diagnosis, consultation, treatment, and education using interactive audio-video..see more; //revelationcounseling.com/counseling-specialties/e-therapy/


E-therapy is the delivery of mental health counseling via the Internet. People also know it as e-therapy, distance therapy, Internet therapy and web therapy. Therapists and online therapy networks use a variety of mediums such as apps for texting, video chatting, voice messaging and audio messaging.

Research studies have proven the efficacy of therapy via the internet to the point where it has become a viable alternative and supplement to in-office therapy. There are even people who can afford and make time for in-office therapy but choose online therapy.

  • Some clients feel E-therapy via the Internet provides greater anonymity
  • Clients don’t have to cancel if they get sick
  • Extra benefits for clients who will encounter less “triggers” if they stay home
  • It benefits teens who cannot drive to a therapist’s office
  • It is a convenient option for people with disabilities
  • People in abusive relationship who want to receive therapy without their partner knowing

Online Therapy helps clients who are…
• Geographically separated from spouse, family, and loved ones
• Unable to leave their home because of illness or disability
• Unable or unwilling to seek out face-to-face therapy
This includes clients who may feel uncomfortable, embarrassed, or ashamed to see a therapist in person, but have relationships impacted by sexual/physical abuse, substance abuse, eating disorders, divorce, infidelity, etc.

Online Therapy offers help for caregivers overwhelmed with their care-giving role and unable to give adequately to their other relationships. They may have strained relationship with the person they are caring for and not have the time to go a therapist. I have found E-therapy to be very helpful when my clients travel