Regarding self absorbed people; These May be Red Flags that someone is a self-absorbed person, a Narcissist:

* blame you for his/her errors

* Micromanage/over-control you

* Devalue your work or ideas

* Constantly criticize you

* Blame you when he/she is uncomfortable

* Make you responsible for his/her emotions, needing constant attention

* Insist that everything be done their way

* Become easily offended

* Ignore, minimize, or discount your feelings

* Make demeaning comments about you.

This article may help you to understand self absorbed people;


Treating Anxiety
Treating Anxiety

When you assume responsibility for yourself you accept that you are not perfect and do not blame others for your imperfections. This is the goal, the opposite of what takes place with a narcissist. They usually have a tendency to off-load blame. They can never accept that they were at fault, did something wrong, or made a mistake. It is always someone else’s fault that they goofed. The healthy adult does not evade or externalize responsibility.

Assumption of responsibility also means taking responsibility for your actions and decisions, or for your lack of both. It’s true that life circumstances often dictate what alternatives people have, but the responsible adult accepts that they have ultimate responsibility for what they did and what they do.

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