Daughters, Eating Disorders- Body Image Issues

Dads, if you would like to help your daughter develop a distorted body image & an eating disorder:

  • Look women up and down
  • Make comments about women’s appearances
  • Do not state respect or admiration about the character or personality of women
  • Keep books or magazines in the home displaying women in sensual or sexual pictures
  • Make admiring comments about slender women or someone who has lost weight
  • Speak with disdain regarding overweight women
  • The impact of fathers on their daughters is extraordinary. I can not tell you how many dozens of women with low self-image problems were impacted by statements of their Daddys.  Even as little girls, what Dad says about women or about his daughter is imprinted in her heart.

These comments are a guarantee of creating eating disorders in girls:

  • “She has a great body”
  • “Nice butt” (or synonyms)
  • “Great breasts” (or synonyms)
  • “Look at her legs”

Daughters, eating disorders and body image; Dads have the greatest impact on the self-confidence or dissatisfaction of daughters with their bodies. She will compare herself to his statements, it is the heart of a little girl to please her Daddy. Most small girl say, “I am going to marry my Daddy!”  showing their love and adoration in a sweet and innocent way. Brothers are next, and then boyfriends. Brothers critical statements about the girl’s body, looks, comparison to others, etc. is highly destructive and she never forgets a word. By the time a girl has her first boyfriend she already has pride in femininity and her own body or insecurity and dislike. If it is insecurity, she is often attracted to a critical and verbally abusive boy.


Daughters with body image issues and eating disorders will be greatly reduced by men who make respectful comments about the minds and personalities of women while refraining from critical analysis of the body.

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