Conflict good or bad? All relationships have challenges and struggles. Read  the information below and grow in your ability to have good conflict rather than bad conflict. You have the power to make this determination.

Consider the characteristics of Good Conflict;

* We argue but we work through our problems

* We settle things and forget about them

* We do well with each other despite our differences

* We handle our conflict with that person in the healthiest way possible

* We don’t take it personally or let issues get to us like we used to

Think through each of these, discuss previous conversations and decide if the conflict has been worked to your good. If you need some help, call for an appointment. All of these relationship skills can be developed.

Consider the characteristics of Bad Conflict

* We do nothing to counter our natural inclinations

* Buttons get pushed, We feel threatened

* We react instead of responding

* The other person reacts to our reaction

* No problems are solved

* It feels Awful

* The Relationship becomes Alienated

Think through each of these, discuss previous conversations and identify when the conflict has been bad. Have no doubt, any of these attitudes and behaviors can change. I have seen it happen! Do not doubt your ability to significantly improve your relationship, it is totally possible. If you each have motivation and humility, nothing can stop you.



Is conflict good or bad…Make a plan together, using the information above to begin transforming your bad conflict into good conflict. All relationships will have challenges. The sign of a good relationship is not an absence of conflict. It is how conflict is addressed.