Forgiveness, healing memories //

* On a daily basis, practice these principles until they are automatically part of your relationship*

1) “I appreciated it today when you__________________________________________”
“Thank you for____________________________________________________”
“It made me feel so good when you__________________________________”


A hug, kiss, hold hand, hug, massage, etc.


“Is there any way I irritated, frustrated, or hurt you today?”
Partner responds with: “I felt___________________________________when you______________________________.”
“I’m sorry for ________________________________. Will you please forgive me?”

4) ASK

“Is there anything you would like me to do for you today, tomorrow, or this week?”


“How can I specifically pray for you today?”

Close your time with a short prayer.

Authors Roger and Becky Tirabossi have written a valuable workbook for engaged and seriously Dating couples. I have found these steps to be great assets in the improving relationships of my clients.//

Care for couples; Follow good advice and improve your relationship. Consider other aspects of life; career, nutrition, exercise just to name a few. Do you see growth/improvement/advancement from hit and miss intermittent effort?  Of course not. In order to see career growth most of us need to be consistent in our effort and performance over a period of time. Good nutrition brings measurable results in those who are committed to making the effort on a daily basis to meet these goals. In order to be in good shape, train for a run or competition or reach fitness goals regular, consistent practice is mandatory.

Consider the comparison to relationships. If couples want to care for one another, grow, deepen intimacy and communication-faithful, daily effort needs to be made. Dear couples-your relationship is alive! It needs protection, “food,” and healthy exercise of relationship skills. Cultivate your relationships.