1. Premarital Goals

    Goals of Premarital Counseling Why should couples seek premarital counseling? The reasons are numerous. They range from wanting to prevent a future divorce, to getting on the same page about finances and child-rearing, to simply making the most of their lives together before they…Read More

  2. Holidays and Relationships

    Holidays and Relationships; Relationships and the Holidays, will your experience be positive or negative? Talk about what you each prioritize and how you each feel about the options. If there are more activities than you can imagine, decide together when to respond, "Thank you so…Read More

  3. Improve Your Relationship

    Become a better partner, improve your Relationship 1. Grow personally–To improve your relationship Intentionally seek your own growth and development as an individual. 2. Speak respectfully Make sure your tone isn't out of bitterness or unrighteous anger. Anger does not justify…Read More

  4. Critical Communication skills, good Relationships

    Critical communication skills,  good relationships. Almost all couples who come for counseling request help with communication. They may have other presenting problems, but inevitably almost all desire improved communication. This is an area in life that needs to improve for all…Read More

  5. MY RELATION TIPS; Self-awareness

    Self-awareness; We all have gaps between how mature we should be, would like to be and how mature we actually are. There are gaps between what we should do and what we actually do. When we are unaware of these places, they are blind-spots. They impede our emotional health. One of…Read More

  6. Relationship Addiction Red Flags

    Relationship Addiction Red Flags Relationship addiction develops when a person enmeshes self-identity with an unhealthy need for connection and relationship. All types of relationships have the capacity to cross this line and become addictive, family or friends, romantic or non-r…Read More

  7. More Intimacy, Passion

    More Intimacy, Passion; A union between a man and a woman is special, a relationship like no other. Falling in love has been compared to the most potent of addictive drugs, dumping a mixture of hormones in the bloodstream that can drive otherwise ‘normal’ people to do crazy t…Read More

  8. Codependent Relationships

    Codependency and bad relationships; I have to fix people to be loved Codependent relationships; Many codependent people have a deeper belief that if they are not helping people get better they have no value.This is different than enjoying being helpful, or being fulfilled by bein…Read More

  9. RELATIONSHIP TIPS; Taking Care of Relationships

    Taking Care of Relationships Healthy relationships are dynamic, not static. Relationships continually change, and must be nurtured so that they continue to grow. Think of your relationship as something that is alive, talking care of relationships brings you the highest reward. Se…Read More

  10. RELATIONSHIP TIPS; Who Pushed Your Button?

    The Source of our "Buttons" Our experiences, following emotional injury the pain of the experience is in our memory and we have an area of sensitivity. If something in the present reminds us of the past experience, (any sense) that button gets pushed. Our brains, we are each wire…Read More

  11. De-Stress Your Job

    Coping with Stress, Jobs, and learning to De-Stress Explore your own unique ways to bring a playful attitude into your work and you will find improved health, and less stress. When your perspective at work is lighter, and playful when appropriate, you will overcome blocks that st…Read More


    The term “co-dependent” has been around for quite some time, it is “a tendency to behave in overly passive or excessively caretaking ways that negatively impact one’s relationships and quality of life.” When our actions are codependent, we usually put our needs at a low…Read More