1. Meaningful Communication

    Meaningful Communication; Do we each make it safe for the other to share thoughts & feelings? Do we each listen without interrupting? Which of us is aware of feelings quickly, who needs time to process first? Do either of us sweep issues “under the rug” instead of working…Read More

  2. Improve your Relationship

    Improve your Relationship; Always identify the problem as the problem, not the person as the problem. This will help to keep you on the same team. Example; “The problem is we see this issue differently, with different solutions. Let’s brainstorm compromises & the pros and…Read More

  3. Evaluate the man…

    Evaluate the man; What is the difference between; A man who flatters you, a man who compliments you. A man who spends money on you, and a man who invests in you. A man who lusts after you, and a man who loves you. A man who believes he is a gift to women, and a man who believes y…Read More

  4. Relationships and Emotional Safety

    Love without conditions Accept even when you do not understand Keep track of positive behaviors Do not judge feelings Practice healthy communication Use words of affirmation to acknowledge and appreciate No hurting intentionally Share your thoughts, feelings, fears Be honest Vali…Read More

  5. Premarital pointers

    Premarital Pointers; Couples & their family relationships are very important Do each of our families welcome the other? Does each family support the relationship? If we choose to invest more deeply in this relationship, would it cause conflict or distance with either family? …Read More

  6. MY RELATION TIPS-Resolve conflict

    Resolve conflict; Some problems can be solved, other challenges are “out of our hands” and we learn to manage/cope/respond. It’s important for couples to determine which ones are which. Sometimes telling the difference can be tricky. Examine the issue and determine if eithe…Read More

  7. Assertive Communication Test-2

    In relationships, Assertive Communication is usually the most appropriate, healthy type of communication. Give honest consideration to your style. Our communication style is something we are in control of. The shy or introverted person can develop the ability to express more. The…Read More

  8. RELATIONSHIP TIPS; Taking Care of Relationships

    Taking Care of Relationships Healthy relationships are dynamic, not static. Relationships continually change, and must be nurtured so that they continue to grow. Think of your relationship as something that is alive, talking care of relationships brings you the highest reward. Se…Read More

  9. RELATIONSHIP TIPS; Love and Pleasing

    Love and pleasing are wonderful. To be loving and to enjoy pleasing others are beautiful characteristics. The problem is when Love and pleasing dominate all motivation and behavior without appropriate boundaries and self-respect.  This pattern in relationship is the common oppos…Read More


    To Be Extraordinary in Relationship Ordinary; When your “button” is pushed, go off on the person. Extraordinary; When your “button” is pushed, state you are having an emotional response & ask the speaker to clarify the intention of what was said or done. Ordinary; If …Read More

  11. Assert yourself respectfully, and you will not stockpile Anger!

    ASSERTIVE COMMUNICATION & ANGER Anger is a natural emotion, but often times, people don't express anger and allow it to be stockpiled. Anger has a way of expressing itself on its own. Letting anger express itself like this is unhealthy and can have negative consequences. This…Read More


    Anger is one of the most often misunderstood, yet significant concepts in life. Best understood as a response providing energy to protect; to respond to a real or perceived wrong doing or injustice in life, anger motivates a person to action. Self-awareness— Identifying the cau…Read More