Improve relationships, improve your communication & do not let limiting beliefs cheat you. Learn to recognize the limiting beliefs commonly held in our society. These beliefs destroy relationships before they begin. Couples~think for yourselves, refuse societal lies that dimi…Read More

  2. Improve Relationship Communication

    Improve relationship, and communication; refuse to accept Limiting Beliefs. Think for yourself and DO NOT accept everything others say... "Every couple fights"....You look up the definition of "fight" and tell me if that dynamic belongs in a romantic relationship? NO, it does not…Read More

  3. Long Term Relationship?

    Long Term Relationship? Couples, if you are serious about the relationship, answer a few questions, Long Term Relationship, or no Do each of our families welcome the other? Does each family support the relationship? If we choose to invest more deeply in this relationship, would …Read More

  4. Compatibility

    COMPATIBILITY Couples, consider companionship and ask yourselves these questions; Can we let our guard down & be silly or impulsive? Are either of us ever hurtful, physically or emotionally, in the way we play? Are we so focused on fun than we cannot be serious or responsible…Read More

  5. Evaluate the man…

    Evaluate the man; What is the difference between; A man who flatters you, a man who compliments you. A man who spends money on you, and a man who invests in you. A man who lusts after you, and a man who loves you. A man who believes he is a gift to women, and a man who believes y…Read More

  6. Decrease Relationship Problems

    Decrease relationship problems; Relationship problems occur when we have the wrong attitudes. Learn healthy relationship skills to improve relationships; ·     Admit that you have weaknesses, seek to strengthen them. Resist focusing on what you think your partner needs to c…Read More

  7. Giving and receiving

    Giving and receiving; The Dignity to Give and Receive "Nobody is so poor that he/she has nothing to give, and nobody is so rich that he/she has nothing to receive."  These words by Pope John-Paul II, offer a powerful direction for all who want to work for peace.  No peace is th…Read More

  8. Successful Relationships

    Live the Love they promise Sincerely apologize and forgive Know the power of Empathy; walk in each others shoes Take responsibility for both the good and the bad Believe in one another, and that good wins over bad People who have successful relationships seek to fulfill their pro…Read More

  9. Value Premarital Counseling

    Is Premarital Counseling Important? Value Premarital Counseling; There is value to investing in premarital counseling. //revelationcounseling.com/counseling-specialties/premarital-counseling/ During Marriage Counseling, couples often make the following comments. Premarital Couns…Read More

  10. MY RELATION TIPS; Forgiveness

    Considering Forgiveness; One of the roots of unwanted behavior is buried pain. Pretending that it is not there or that it does not matter will not solve problems. Failing to forgive is one main cause of buried pain and significant relationship problems. Forgiving is not easy, it …Read More

  11. Assertive Communication Test-2

    In relationships, Assertive Communication is usually the most appropriate, healthy type of communication. Give honest consideration to your style. Our communication style is something we are in control of. The shy or introverted person can develop the ability to express more. The…Read More

  12. Communication Test

    Are you a Passive, Assertive or Aggressive Communicator? Take a Communication Test; Are you aware of the type of communicator you are? What feedback do you get from others?  In relationships, Assertive Communication is usually the most appropriate, healthy type of communication.…Read More