Improve your life. Do not limit yourself by believing the lies around us.  “Look out for Number One” The worst relationship advice for non-abusive relationships. The worst. If you “look out for number one”, you automatically negate empathy/generosity/other-centeredness/g…Read More

  2. Improve Relationship Communication

    Improve relationship, and communication; refuse to accept Limiting Beliefs. Think for yourself and DO NOT accept everything others say... "Every couple fights"....You look up the definition of "fight" and tell me if that dynamic belongs in a romantic relationship? NO, it does not…Read More

  3. Meaningful Communication

    Meaningful Communication; Do we each make it safe for the other to share thoughts & feelings? Do we each listen without interrupting? Which of us is aware of feelings quickly, who needs time to process first? Do either of us sweep issues “under the rug” instead of working…Read More

  4. Boundaries and Your Significant Other

    BOUNDARIES Boundaries, Your Significant Other; Couples, ask yourselves these questions; Can each of us set boundaries with each other? (being clear about what we will/will not say or do) Do each of us respect/support the boundaries of the other, even when they differ from ours? A…Read More

  5. Relationships and Emotional Safety

    Love without conditions Accept even when you do not understand Keep track of positive behaviors Do not judge feelings Practice healthy communication Use words of affirmation to acknowledge and appreciate No hurting intentionally Share your thoughts, feelings, fears Be honest Vali…Read More

  6. Improve Your Relationship

    Become a better partner, improve your Relationship 1. Grow personally–To improve your relationship Intentionally seek your own growth and development as an individual. 2. Speak respectfully Make sure your tone isn't out of bitterness or unrighteous anger. Anger does not justify…Read More

  7. Critical Communication skills, good Relationships

    Critical communication skills,  good relationships. Almost all couples who come for counseling request help with communication. They may have other presenting problems, but inevitably almost all desire improved communication. This is an area in life that needs to improve for all…Read More

  8. Assertive Communication Test-2

    In relationships, Assertive Communication is usually the most appropriate, healthy type of communication. Give honest consideration to your style. Our communication style is something we are in control of. The shy or introverted person can develop the ability to express more. The…Read More

  9. Communication Test

    Are you a Passive, Assertive or Aggressive Communicator? Take a Communication Test; Are you aware of the type of communicator you are? What feedback do you get from others?  In relationships, Assertive Communication is usually the most appropriate, healthy type of communication.…Read More


    Relationship Help; Are you Respectful?Do you take turns, acknowledge the needs of your spouse. Resist being self-focused and pushing for what you want. By focusing on the needs of your partner, you initiate reciprocity. Can you wait and listen carefully as they speak?  Do you sh…Read More


    Are you Respectful? Do you take turns, acknowledge the needs of your spouse. Can you wait and listen carefully as they speak?  Do you share your needs and feelings with respect. Do you manage your emotions or do they manage you? We must be able to accept and respond to emotion. …Read More


    Anger is one of the most often misunderstood, yet significant concepts in life. Best understood as a response providing energy to protect; to respond to a real or perceived wrong doing or injustice in life, anger motivates a person to action. Self-awareness— Identifying the cau…Read More