1. Refuse Victim Mentality

    Blaming others is casting yourself in the role of victim. Refuse victim mentality.This is a straight shot to pain, disappointment and ineffectiveness. This misguided attitude minimizes your ability to live a fruitful, powerful and rewarding life. It restricts your options, blocks…Read More

  2. Boost your Mood

    Are you finding yourself a bit blue in the holiday season? Stress?  If so, you're not alone. Boost your mood. Holidays are typically full of to-do lists, good things & sometimes unmet expectations or loss. Not only can this be extremely stressful, it can stir up uncertainty.…Read More

  3. Improve Health, Self-Care

    Improve Self-Care; Allow your feelings - Self-care, health, personal growth are critically important. Try not to repress or ignore your emotions, they are a natural part of being people. Some emotions are positive, some are painful. Stressful events can bring about painful emotio…Read More