1. Stop Fighting

    Stop fighting; Disagree, but work through the problems with respect, be friendly. Settle the issue, then let it go. Embrace & accept each others differences. Identify the healthiest way possible to handle the conflict. Do not take it personally that you have different views. …Read More

  2. MY RELATION TIPS-Resolve conflict

    Resolve conflict; Some problems can be solved, other challenges are “out of our hands” and we learn to manage/cope/respond. It’s important for couples to determine which ones are which. Sometimes telling the difference can be tricky. Examine the issue and determine if eithe…Read More

  3. Conflict Resolution

    Conflict Resolution; Find the Source of our "Buttons" Our experiences, following emotional injury the pain of the experience is in our memory and we have an area of sensitivity. If something in the present reminds us of the past experience, (any sense) that button gets pushed. Ou…Read More