1. Family Counseling

    Would you benefit from Family Counseling?  Family therapy results are sometimes faster and more complete than individual therapy because it is harder for an individual to change when the family stays the same. The family is a system, each member impacts the others. Significant c…Read More

  2. About Blending Families

    Blending Families; Blended families, step-parents and remarriage present challenges; 1. Post divorce, people need to give themselves and their children time to adjust to a new life. This includes adjusting to Step-Parents. Accustomed to living with both biological parents under o…Read More

  3. For Blended Families

    Divorce and Blended Families Raising children is a challenging journey, even more so if they are children from your husband or wife’s previous marriage.Co-parenting with the "ex" can be challenging.  Just at the moment that you are trying to build a strong relationship with yo…Read More