The ABC’s of Attachment As described by Daniel J. Siegel, M.D. See book review; Parenting From The Inside Out. Attunement-Aligning your own internal state with those of your children. Often accomplished by the contingent sharing of nonverbal signals, trust increases. Balance-yo…Read More


    Comfort your child Apologize if your behavior is inappropriate Practice good self-care Become attuned to your child so he/she attaches well; //www.linkedin.com/news?viewArticle=&articleID=5582162179534098454&gid=1449207&type=member&item=98907003&articleURL=htt…Read More

  3. Good Parenting

    There are many important principles to use in Good Parenting. In this article I am focusing on principles related to Attachment Styles. In the book Parenting Inside Out, Dr. Dan Siegel teaches us a great deal about becoming better parents, developing healthy attachment and teachi…Read More


    Managing Stress Identify what we are responsible for, focus on these 5 areas and strive to let go of concerns that are out of your hands. What you think, feel, say, do and need. Under this umbrella, let’s explore our spiritual, physical and emotional lives. 1. Spiritual-Involve…Read More

  5. For Blended Families

    Divorce and Blended Families Raising children is a challenging journey, even more so if they are children from your husband or wife’s previous marriage.Co-parenting with the "ex" can be challenging.  Just at the moment that you are trying to build a strong relationship with yo…Read More


    If you suspect or know that your child is being victimized, abused or bullied,  here are some pointers you may consider://www.cnn.com/2012/10/23/health/bullying-suicidal-thoughts/index.html?hpt=he_c2 Let your child know that it is okay to feel afraid, upset, and anxious – your…Read More


    This book is a great resource for those planning to have children, and for parents. The authors contend that how you make sense of your childhood experiences has a profound effect on how you parent your own children. As a result of reading this book, parents who had difficult chi…Read More