1. Family Counseling

    Would you benefit from Family Counseling?  Family therapy results are sometimes faster and more complete than individual therapy because it is harder for an individual to change when the family stays the same. The family is a system, each member impacts the others. Significant c…Read More

  2. Holidays and Relationships

    Holidays and Relationships; Relationships and the Holidays, will your experience be positive or negative? Talk about what you each prioritize and how you each feel about the options. If there are more activities than you can imagine, decide together when to respond, "Thank you so…Read More

  3. Meaningful Communication

    Meaningful Communication; Do we each make it safe for the other to share thoughts & feelings? Do we each listen without interrupting? Which of us is aware of feelings quickly, who needs time to process first? Do either of us sweep issues “under the rug” instead of working…Read More

  4. Boundaries and Your Significant Other

    BOUNDARIES Boundaries, Your Significant Other; Couples, ask yourselves these questions; Can each of us set boundaries with each other? (being clear about what we will/will not say or do) Do each of us respect/support the boundaries of the other, even when they differ from ours? A…Read More

  5. Long Term Relationship?

    Long Term Relationship? Couples, if you are serious about the relationship, answer a few questions, Long Term Relationship, or no Do each of our families welcome the other? Does each family support the relationship? If we choose to invest more deeply in this relationship, would …Read More

  6. Compatibility

    COMPATIBILITY Couples, consider companionship and ask yourselves these questions; Can we let our guard down & be silly or impulsive? Are either of us ever hurtful, physically or emotionally, in the way we play? Are we so focused on fun than we cannot be serious or responsible…Read More

  7. Couple’s Counseling

    Relationship-focused counseling & Couple's Counseling achieve both the strengthening of healthy relationships and/or specific help to grow through difficulties and challenges. When couples spot potential problem areas and are willing to work proactively and effectively, the r…Read More

  8. Is Conflict Good or Bad?

    Conflict good or bad? All relationships have challenges and struggles. Read  the information below and grow in your ability to have good conflict rather than bad conflict. You have the power to make this determination. Consider the characteristics of Good Conflict; * We argue bu…Read More

  9. How to Treat Anxiety

    How to treat anxiety is a question clients often ask; Everyone experiences some type of  anxiety. Anxiety is feeling of being worried, apprehensive, feeling fear or panic in situations which seem overwhelming, threatening, or uncomfortable. Anxiety may be part of  intense worry…Read More

  10. Improve your Relationship

    Improve your Relationship; Always identify the problem as the problem, not the person as the problem. This will help to keep you on the same team. Example; “The problem is we see this issue differently, with different solutions. Let’s brainstorm compromises & the pros and…Read More

  11. Self Absorbed People

    Self Absorbed People; Red Flags that a Narcissist May be Exploiting You: //revelationcounseling.com/self-absorbed-people/ * He/she makes you emotionally dependent on them * Narcissist uses emotional blackmail * Lies * Expects favors from you but does not return them * Exaggerates…Read More

  12. Self Absorbed People

    Regarding self absorbed people; These May be Red Flags that someone is a self-absorbed person, a Narcissist: * blame you for his/her errors * Micromanage/over-control you * Devalue your work or ideas * Constantly criticize you * Blame you when he/she is uncomfortable * Make you r…Read More