ChildrenComfort your child

Apologize if your behavior is inappropriate

Practice good self-care

Become attuned to your child so he/she attaches well; //

Encourage age-appropriate independence in your child

Show pride in each child’s accomplishments

Build your child’s self-esteem by believing in him/herRespond to your child’s changing needs

Calm your children when upset, hurt, disappointed

Discipline with logical and natural consequences

Expect others to show respect to your childNever threaten abandonment, “come now or I am leaving without you.”

Believe in your child’s gifts and abilities

Trust your children

Practice unconditional love-your words and actions

Provide both stated and unstated messages of “I value you”

Provide both stated and unstated messages of “You can think”

Provide both stated and unstated messages of “You have control”

Provide choices so that your child can develop competency making decisions

When poor choices are made, it is a learning opportunity. Give the opportunity to your child to make a better choice sooner than later!  Develop insight about your own upbringing in order to become the best parent you can; //