Managing Stress Identify what we are responsible for, focus on these 5 areas and strive to let go of concerns that are out of your hands. What you think, feel, say, do and need. Under this umbrella, let’s explore our spiritual, physical and emotional lives. 1. Spiritual-Involve…Read More


    If you suspect or know that your child is being victimized, abused or bullied,  here are some pointers you may consider://www.cnn.com/2012/10/23/health/bullying-suicidal-thoughts/index.html?hpt=he_c2 Let your child know that it is okay to feel afraid, upset, and anxious – your…Read More

  3. Children’s self image

    Children's self image; Parents, your child or teen's entire sense of value is based on what they see in YOUR FACE when you first see them. Does your expression convey affection or irritation? Do you communicate appreciation or dislike? Dads and Moms, do you know your child become…Read More