Like all things, marriage takes effort for it to be successful and premarital counseling can be a helpful tool. People tend to spend more time preparing for their wedding than they do for marriage. Don’t spend time planning the wedding without developing a plan for marriage! Premarital-marriage counseling is an opportunity to explore the dynamics of your relationship and set yourselves up for an outstanding future together. Don’t simply accept the status quo, take the time to cultivate a marriage that is exemplary. There is an educational aspect to pre-marriage counseling and you can learn how to negotiate conflict so that you can resolve your differences in a way that actually strengthens your connection. There is an aspect to pre-marriage counseling where couples can practice, with the therapist’s help, the new perspectives and new skills that they are learning.

Couples come together from different families of origin, having learned and having been imprinted, for better or worse, by these early experiences of connection. Partners have different personalities and temperaments, differing values and needs, and experiences from past relationships. This is what makes couples therapy so important. Co-creating a life together without a training manual or toolkit for how to manage the sometimes treacherous waters of our differences provides the need for quality couples therapy before the wedding. Relationship advice from marriage counseling can provide us with the guidance we need so that each person can mature to their fullest potential within the boundaries of a vital, fulfilling relationship. Explore your dreams, fears, and differences to come to a greater understanding of what motivates each other’s choices and behaviors.

Many people who face marriage problems have not taken the time to communicate in depth with their partner before saying, ” I do.” Couples vary regarding the priorities they bring to couples therapy, but important topics that are often discussed are:

  • Beliefs about Marriage
  • Children
  • In-Laws
  • Religion
  • Finances
  • Household
  • Personality Types
  • Managing strong Emotions
  • Beliefs about Divorce
  • Sexual Intimacy
  • Career
  • Time & Space
  • Interests

By initiating a conversation and taking relationship advice from a marriage counselor, you can start your marriage with an understanding of each other that you never knew was possible.