E-Therapy Definition:

E-therapy is a new type of therapy for helping people resolve life and relationship issues utilizing the power and convenience of the Internet. For the purpose of services provided by this professional, E-Therapy means the practice of psychotherapy, diagnosis, consultation, treatment, and education using interactive audio-video, not an electronic mail message or text between the mental health practitioner and client. Emails or texts are used for the purpose of scheduling appointments, not for the purpose of psychotherapy.

E-Therapy Benefits:


The client may participate in the psychotherapy process from home, the office, etc. Travel time, parking, re-arranging schedules may be avoided. Time is saved for the client. If travel or physical presence is difficult or impossible for the client, this method makes treatment possible. The focus of E-therapy varies from client to client. Some clients will want to discuss interpersonal relationships, or learn new ways of dealing with stress. Other clients may use E-therapy as an adjunct to other types of real-world services, or to help clarify issues they are currently working on. Still others will use E-therapy to “check-in” from time to time with an objective third-party professional to take stock in their life and work on more philosophical life issues. E-Therapy is by appointment only.


Since E-Therapy does not require physical presence of the client in the office of the professional, there is no risk of recognition in the waiting room, parking lot, etc. Take note that email, cell phone, and interactive audio video communication may not be secure. If you have any concerns regarding privacy, do not communicate by email and inform your therapist regarding phone communication. Confidentiality could be breached in transit by hackers or Internet service providers or at either end by others with access to the email account or the computer. Extra safeguards should be considered when the computer is shared by family members, students, library patrons. Specifics regarding confidentiality standards are stated in the Signed Consent information prior to the first session.


The client must be a resident of California, U.S.A., to participate in psychotherapy services with Marta Hatter, LCSW. Physical location of the client has no restrictions as long as the individual is a California resident.

If you are too busy to travel to appointments, begin E-Therapy.